• Thor Light Laser is the latest permanent hair removal technology.
  • Our treatment is safe, highly effective result, painless, and suitable for all skin type.

  1. Is this treatment safe?
  • This treatment is medically proven to be safe.

  1. How is the result?
  • Usually you will see the hair fall in 2 weeks time and hair grow will be gradually reduce along the treatment.
  • This is depending on individual hair condition.
  1. Is there any complication?
  • This treatment is safe and only target hair follicles and hair roots. It has no complication nor side effect.
  1. How many treatment do I need to do to achieve hair free skin?
  • This will be depending on individual.
  • According to our studies, generally 80% of population achieved hair free skin after 8-10 treatments.
  • However this will varies according to area and condition of individuals.
  • 90% of populations achieved hair reduction after 1 treatment.
  1. How frequent I need to do the treatment?
  • We suggest to do the treatment every 3-5 weeks and gradually increasing the duration when hair reduce.
  1. Is it clean?
  • We focus on centre and customer’s hygiene and cleanliness. All use all 1 time disposable blades and shavers.
  1. Who can do the treatment? I am dark skin person, am I suitable?
  • Our treatment is suitable for all skin type.
  1. Can I do the treatment if I am pregnant?
  • We do not suggest to do the treatment for pregnant lady.
  1. Can I do hair removal on tattoo area?
  • Hair removal cannot be done over tattoo area. We recommend to do 4-5 cm away from tattoo area.

  1. Do you accept credit card?
  • We do accept credit card, debit card payment. We have 0% instalment payment too.
  1. How to make appointment? Can I walk in?
  • All customers have to make appointment before come.
  • All customers are advice to inform if they can't turn up, so that their appointment time can be given to others.
  1. Can we use our treatments at different outlet?
  • Yes you can. However you need to inform us in advance and make appointment for your treatment at the centre.
If you have further enquiries, do contact us at: Tel: +60105502888. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks
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